Off-Grid Cabins

Complete cabin systems

Whether you are looking to build a cabin or already have one we have solutions for getting any cabin powered up to fit your exact needs and budget.

We offer many different options and can build as small or big as you would like to start, every system is designed to be expandable and can come with auto bypass options to work in tandem with a gas generator or grid power.

Building a new cabin

If you are building a new cabin we can design a system from the ground up that is made specifically to run most efficiently off an off-grid solar system. A custom ground up build may sound expensive but by having your cabin run more efficiently it requires a much smaller Solar array and battery bank to power saving you money.

Powering an existing cabin

If you already have a cabin and need electric or are tired of the hassle with a gas generator we are the perfect solution for you. With our free consultation we can do an in person evaluation or over the phone to determine how much solar you will need. We will take factors like how often you visit, how long you are there, and what appliances/electronics you will be using and engineer a system based on your usage. By fitting the system to you this eliminates the problems of one size fits all systems that either leave you with not enough power or waste your money by over sizing.

off grid cabins st louis mo
off grid cabins st louis mo