About Us

At solar luxury we build and install custom off grid solar panel systems and lighting

Power anywhere, anytime

Our main goal is to provide power to locations where power is not available, too expensive to have grid-tied power, or where green alternative energy is preferred.

Our products and services have the benefit of not being tied to the grid so they are free to produce power where ever the sun shines.

Lower installation cost, zero cost to operate

With our systems producing their own power they can be placed anywhere without being anchored down by having to tie into the local energy provider. Our systems save you money on installation three ways; We do not need to add the expense of tying to the grid, Quick install times with the systems mostly pre assembled, and by producing the power where the power is needed so high expense of running power long distances.

​Silent emergency back up power that will pay itself off

Our other services include providing emergency back up power. Unlike grid tied solar panel systems our off grid systems still produce energy even during power outages. Our solar back up generators also provide power while making almost no sound at all. And perhaps the best advantage to our off grid solar back up power is that it continually produces power even when not in use, that means you can have your system run things like landscape lighting, power gates, pool pumps, etc; reducing your electrical bill and eventually paying off the system itself.

Portable power for your event without the noise

We also provide portable off-grid power and lighting perfect for events where power is not re​adily available like destination weddings, fairs, and even camping. This portable off-grid power is perfect for these events in that they produce power without making all of the noise of gasoline generators. They come with powerful back up battery banks as well to provide power even when the sun is not out.

We can custom build lighting and power systems for your specific event that are available to purchase or rent for the time that you need.