Whole Home back up Solar Generator/ Cabin Generator

Our larger Solar generators are so versatile they can be perfect for your everyday home or for you cabin out in the woods! For your home, our generators can provide noise free and emission free power with virtually zero maintenance! As a home back up generator it can be set to lower your electric bill on top of back up power or as a standard back up with nearly instant transfer time.

For our land and cabin owners these generators work perfect for cabins providing reliable noise free power allowing you to enjoy your property without the noise of a gas generator. Our cabin/whole home generators are all designed to be easily expanded for future upgrades; and to work with grid power/gas generators to provide extra power when weather does not cooperate or for extended use. Savings with these generators does not stop with zero operating cost, without having to trench or clear land your initial cost are substantially cheaper, and having emergency back up power will keep your refrigerators cold saving you time and money with a thawed fridge!